The inspiration of the 2015 spring/summer collection was the Polish poster art and the outstanding Polish poster artist, Roman Czieslewicz. The concept was to express this colorful, artistic world throughout the sporty, youthful and extravagant pieces. The vivid colors, the raster effects and the geometric forms refer to the posters’ style. The inkblot styled “Rorschach pattern” and the geometrical cutting remind us of Czieslewicz’s art. In the collection, the geometrical forms appear as pockets and they lead the cutting lines. To soften this strong geometrical attitude the designer created an inkblot styled pattern which is manifested in various style in the collection. Proceed by the conception of the Rorschach test, her intention was to leave space to the customers, so the understanding of the motives is up to their imagination, like in the Polish posters. As far as the fabrics are concerned, following the strong sporty trend of the 2015 spring-summer season, she used innovative, high-tech and sporty materials. To refer to the raster styled world of the posters, the designer used mesh fabric to reach a similar attitude. Beside this strong graphic world it was also important to her to express the humorous side of the collection. So the designer adds a special superhero line to the collection. It appears in the cutting lines, the fabrics and also in the patterns. She complements the natural fabrics with high-tech, innovative materials to reach a unique, modern appearance. Beside the extraordinary and trendy materials, it was very important to her to choose comfortable materials, which are easy to care to make the youngsters’ lives easier. The purpose of the collection is to encourage young man to dress flashier and to express their personality throughout their clothing. We recommend this collection to the young men, who are self-expressive, free-minded and like the innovative, sporty design.

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