The main inspiration of the Spring/Summer 2017 collection is the world of the wakeboarder and the underground surf generation. The image of a wavy, windy and cloudy beach, where the coming storm creates a sinister atmosphere gives a strong ground to the colour and fabric inspiration. The dynamic and geometric world of the water sports’ unique design culture complemented by a bohemian,  DIY-line giving a special contrast to the collection. The frayed elements and the rough edges strengthen the craft line while the precise cutting lines represent the strong, sporty side of the inspiration. The  bright  colours  complement  by  masculine greyish and blackish shades and the innovative fabrics are matched with classy, manly materials referring to the characteristic style of YUUTHS. This season’s pieces are youthful, contemporary and comfortable with high-design details and genuine elements. The key items of the season are the waterproof jackets and the sweaters which build the core of the inspiration. The cutting of these pieces is inspired by the protective design of the surf helmets. The glossy, waterproof textures are complemented by matt leather inbuilts and colourful rope embellishments. The well-known sporty, comfortable and contemporary style gives a base for the extra details and innovative cutting lines.The collection is recommended to the young  men, who  are  self-expressive, free-minded and like the innovative, sporty design.

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