The main inspiration of the fall/winter 16/17 collection is the volcanic rocks and its stratification. In the design the mixture of a calm, peaceful state and the phase of the eruption is very significant which is manifested in the textures and the colors. The gloomy mood of the blackish, grayish and the complementary dark blue are compensated by the colors of fire (orange, yellow, red) The layers of the volcano are represented in the textures, in the cutting lines and in the layered design of the pieces. The stoned lava cracked by the radiant bottom layer appeared as the main inspirational image during the design process. The trough provoking surface texture were a strong base of the inspirational resource which is well- represented in the slightly bright matt and rough materials. In line with the brand new inspiration the old, representative elements remained. The well-known sporty, comfortable and contemporary style give a ground for the extra details and innovative cutting lines. The immaculate sewing quality, the high-designed details, the finest fabrics and the exclusive inner outline generate a top drawer atmosphere.
The fabrics of YUUTHS were carefully selected to be easy-to-care, natural, cozy and warm for the coldest weather.

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