YUUTHS is a contemporary, emerging menswear brand from Budapest which offers high-quality designer pieces for the young men.We create every kinds of pieces which are essential to a young man‘s wardrobe. Our products are limited designer pieces, which are of high-quality and they represent extravagancy. Beside the special design, limitless comfort is also the main feature of our clothes, which are made of the finest fabric. Yuuths is well-known from the extraordinary cutting lines and its characteristic details. The streamlined, sporty-elegant design, the high-quality Italian fabrics and the elaborated inside solutions raise YUUTHS pieces from the crowd. We gained inspiration from the arts, the sports, the innovations and the youth culture.

“The reason why my choice was the menswear line is to make it more self-expressive. With my collection I would like to create a world for youngsters in which they feel careless and free-minded but at the same time sporty-elegant. My inspiration was due to living in the grey working days, so I decided to season it by colors and playfulness. For me it’s not only fashion but a mission to make people happier throughout the design.”

Annamaria Molnar – the designer


Yuuths clothing embodies the individualism of powerful and energetic men with immaculate sense of style. Our mission is to encourage men to emphasize their personality through the design and create a more colorful world.” Our passion is to create high-designed sporty pieces with playful details and unique solutions. They express powerful, energetic style with effortless individualism.”

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