What or who defines the shapes of the trees, the leaves, the clouds, the rivers or even the forms of the sounds? This irregular part of the nature is so mysterious and inexplicable. Scientists, mathematicians, physicists, biologists are searching the answers for these questions. In the 70’s they have found a connection between the shapes of the clouds, the lines of the thunders, the microscopic concentrations of the blood vessels and the galactic mass of the stars. These connections were the fractals, which are irregular systems and forms created by mathematic formulas. These irregular shapes are very random, but at the same time they have a very strict mathematical formula, which gives exact forms to them. They exist in 2D,3D and also 4D forms. The fractals are one of the big secret of the universe, because now our knowledge is very limited about them.  The random generated fractal forms became very popular among the digital and computer artists. They created fractal-generator softwares, which everybody can use to create wonderful fractal forms.  With this the fractal- art has started, which is an algorithmical digital form of art. If the art can be crated by only numbers and formulas then what is the human generated art? Can a painting made by human artist be a chaos set? The 2015/16 fall-winter collection of YUUTHS was built on this elemental contrast. The essence of the forms and the patterns gives the explosion of these two worlds. Regular and irregular forms, formulas, number and shapes, strokes and fractal sets create the contrast, and compose a harmonious athmosphere in the collection. As far as the fabrics are concerned, the designer selected innovative materials with classic fabrics to strengthen the contrast of the authentic and the high-tech world. Our inspiring character was a smart, trendy, young geek guy, who gives a geeky, playful, humorous touch to the collection.

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